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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Canada Vs. USA

What does Canada have thats better than the USA? Comment and explain

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Rick Ross Banned from Adidas

Rick Ross after dropping a song that had contained lyrics of drugging girls with a drug and raping them in a club gets kicked off the endorsement deal with Adidas after many fans complained to Adidas saying the song he made was very inappropriate. Smater decisions should be made from Rick Ross in the future

Andrew Wiggins decision

Andrew Wiggins today around 12 noon made his college decision to go to Kansas which was a big shock to alot of people. Wherever Andrew Wiggins plays he will provide great leadership to any team and can lead at all times throughout a game

Maple Leafs :(

Maple Leafs lose in Overtime to the Boston Bruins but put up a great fight against a stanely cup contendent !
Go Leafs Go, Next year should be an amazing year for them.

North Korea? Whats wrong with you?

All the world leaders in the world need to come together and take control over North Korea because they are a dangerous country with a crazy dictator and actions should be made soon!

Earths most peaceful years ever

This day and age is the most peaceful the earths been for so long with no wars going on and safety of all humans. It is a record breaking time and all the world leaders know that. North Korea is the only country wanting to start a war on other countries with the most threats but world leaders are attempting to stop them and cause them not to go ahead with this.